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Garfagnana Coop is located in the heart of Garfagnana north of Tuscany, on the border with some of the most interesting and well-known geographical areas of the region, such as Versilia, Lunigiana and Lucca.

The Garfagnana is entirely crossed by the regional road 445 which allows an outlet to the south with Lucca and to the north with Aulla and Lunigiana. The easiest way to get to Garfagnana is certainly the one that starts from Lucca: just follow the signs for Castelnuovo along about 45 km. Starting from Versilia or Massa it is necessary to travel about 40 km of scenic but particularly winding road to reach the capital of Garfagnino. From Aulla and Lunigiana it is possible to reach the high Garfagnana in less than 40/50 minutes. More than 100 km divide the Garfagnana from Reggio Emilia and Modena: although the roads run between the Apennines, they are easily passable, except in the winter period.