The passion for their land, the Garfagnana, the love for nature and the respect for the traditions of our mountains characterize the Garfagnana Coop production. The ability of eyes and expert hands to collect, select and work the products of our lands bring to your table the unique taste of these specialties. Garfagnana Coop produces spelled with strictly biological methods and processed products such as wild berry jams. The various producers that adhere to Garfagnana Coop grow spelled as they once did without using chemical treatments and products, in full compliance with the regulations of organic production, in fact following the canons of traditional cultivation which did not include any type of fertilization for spelled and much less treatment, in order to avoid an excessive development of the plant with consequent serious risks of loss of the product, due to lodging, in case of strong thunderstorms.

The jams use only fresh fruit from the plants of the associates or harvested in the woods in the spontaneous state, with the addition of cane sugar; steaming without adding any additives guarantees its genuineness and high concentration. Garfagnana Coop. It cultivates all its products with care and passion, using exclusively organic methods controlled and certified by AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture).

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